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About Me

My name is Daniel, and along with the help of some friends, created this website and initiative.

I am an extremely loyal Leaf fan - born and raised in the GTA. I am passionate about the Leafs and share in the heartbreak that so many of us have experienced. I thought that if I was willing to not watch one Leaf game, or not buy a certain product, or even rip up a pair of tickets then there must be many others out there whose passion can be dedicated to change.

My two fondest Leaf memories:

  1. Leaving my First Communion dinner in 1993 for a TV at the restaurant bar to watch the Leafs beat Detroit in Game 7.
  2. Watching Mats Sundin score his 500th goal, completing his hat-trick and the overtime winner over Mikka Kiprusoff's left shoulder.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Go Leafs Go!