Who We Are

Be Fair To The Fans was created to unify Leaf fans in an attempt to have Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) lower their prices to be in line with the performance we see on the ice. We also feel that it would be fair to have prices in line with other NHL cities.

Importance of Joining The Community

An important part of our initiative is the strength of a unified voice. As individuals it can be difficult to bring about change, but through the power of a group we can effect change. Please take a moment to join the community to be contacted on certain actions that might be necessary to be heard.

As a community moving forward as a single unit we can take on such actions as refusing to buy sponsors' products or, if it is called for, an organized boycott of a game. Please share your own ideas in our community discussion forum.

We are simply asking for MLSE to show us the loyalty that we have shown them, and a strong community will be able to accomplish our challenging goals.

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