MLSE, Please Reciprocate And Respect The Loyalty Of The Fans

Leaf fans are among the most loyal in all of professional sports. Most, if not all, games are sellouts. Many of us own jersies, mugs, flags, etc. - as do our kids and even our dogs. We watch the games, givng the media partners stellar ratings and we even pay to watch games on Leafs TV (13 Regular Season Games in 09-10).

Our loyalty and our income have been dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a long time, and what value do we get in return?

  • The Leafs have not made the playoffs for 5 years
  • Yet the average ticket price is 150% of the NHL average
  • The Leafs have only made the Eastern Conference finals once in the past 10 years
  • Yet the average cost for a family of 4 to attend a Leaf game is 143% of the NHL average
  • The Leaf's have not made a Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 42 years
  • Yet the Leafs raised ticket prices by 3.5% for the 2009-1010 season
  • The Leaf's best finish since the lockout was a dismal 18th place overall
  • Yet the price of a program is 162% of the NHL Average
  • Only 2 Leaf players have scored over 70 points in the last 10 years [Sundin & Mogilny (once)]
  • Yet the price of a hat is 122% of the NHL Average

Our loyalty is taken advantage of - it is not respected or reciprocated - and now is the time to come together for change. MLSE, please show us the respect and loyalty we have shown you for many years by lowering your prices to be in line with the performance we see on the ice.

As Fans Struggle Through Recession - Leafs Can Afford To Give Back

Over the last year many Leaf fans have lost their jobs or taken a salary cut. Many of the businesses who have purchased season tickets for their customers continue to struggle to stay in business. The Toronto Maple Leafs fans have remained loyal in these tough times, which has allowed MLSE to increase their revenues and overall franchise value.

In fact, the Toronto Maple Leafs fans, the best fans in the NHL, have supported the franchise to where their revenues and overall value of the team has doubled in the last 10 years. Where has the value of what we see on the ice gone?

Toronto Maple Leafs fans feel it is now time to ask the partners in the organization to be fair to the fans by moving towards meeting our goals.