Our Mission

Be Fair To The Fans aims to unify loyal season ticket holders and Leaf fans in an attempt to have Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment lower their prices to be in line with the performance we see on the ice. We also feel that it would be fair to have prices in line with other NHL cities.

We understand that Stanley Cup Champions are not built in a year. We support the management, are confident in Brian Burke, and when he puts together a Stanley Cup contender the current prices will more accurately reflect the value of the product. Until that time, Be Fair To The Fans aims to use the unified voice of loyal Toronto Maple Leafs fans to encourage Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment to reciprocate the loyalty that we have shown them.

Our goals are challenging, but we are confident that by forming a strong community of fans, MLSE will listen. Should they choose not to, we will inform you on actions that we may need to take to be heard. Please take a moment to join the community to stay updated on these actions.

Our Goals

  • Reduce ticket prices by 20% until the team is a legitimate contender (starting in the 2010 season)

  • Reduce concession and merchandise prices by 10% for 2010 season

  • 3 less games broadcast on Leafs TV for the 2010 season